3 subscription plans
– With or without commitment –

  • Australia
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy

Advanced click & collect

12 months commitment
69 /

Basic features to launch:

  • Site optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Domain name hosting
  • Secure connection
  • Customizable theme
  • Standard home page
  • Independent access to content
  • Product customization
  • Bespoke product composition
  • Half-half product composition
  • Pick-up/delivery choice
  • Pick-up/delivery time choice
  • Advance ordering
  • Order history
  • Stock shortage management
  • Reports & statistics
  • Emergency mode
  • Online payment with PayPal**
  • A tool to manage online orders
  • E-mail support
  • Coupons, Menus and Deals
  • Savings made highlighted in the basket
  • Online payment by other service providers*
    (Stripe**, Ingenico**, PayGreen**, other**)

Advanced click & collect + delivery

12 months commitment
129 /
Most Popular

STANDARD Features but also:

  • Delivery features
  • Google Maps integration
  • Loyalty program
  • List of favourites
  • Connected customer widget on the home page
  • Newsletter registration on the home page
  • Generic product tags (allergens, organic…)
  • Multi-sites management(fees per shop)
  • POS Integration**
  • Data export

Advanced click & collect + delivery + application

12 months commitment
199 /

EXPERT Features but also:

  • Mobile app*

*Additional setup costs.

**Additional partner fees.


The setup costs of €299 include:

Standard design
4 structures
Online payment
Stripe or PayPal
1h Training
of LivePepper’s backoffice
Domain name
Booking or transfer
Your graphical identity

Optional services

Premium Support
+ €59 / month
Bespoke site
from €2000
from €300
Referral scheme
from €350
Rush hour management
from €300 €
Redirection 301
from €150
POS Integration
On quotation
Menu entry
from €280
Multilingual site
€300 + €9 /month /language
Online payment
Other providers from €450
Multi-sites configuration
from €250
Other features
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Is there a setup fee?

That depends. None if LivePepper doesn’t need to intervene on your site.

Do you take a commission on orders placed?

Absolutely not. You pay a monthly subscription fee, nothing more.

I have a number of outlets/restaurants, does that entitle me to a preferential rate?

We offer a preferential rate on subscriptions for establishments with 10 outlets/restaurants or more. Preferential rates may apply to optional services starting from the 2nd outlet/restaurant.

What exactly does the free trial consist of?

The free trial allows you to try out all LivePepper’s features for 30 days.

What are the limits of the free trial?

There’s only one limit: your site will use a temporary address during the trial period.

Can I activate my permanent site before the end of the free trial?

You can activate your site’s permanent address as soon as you like by paying your first monthly subscription fee.

Do I need to enter my bank details to benefit from the free trial?

No, the trial is entirely free, no strings attached.

What happens if I don’t activate my account at the end of the free trial?

Once you reach the end of the free trial, your account is suspended and can no longer be used. However, we will keep your data for a few weeks in case you change your mind and decide to activate your account after all.

Can I delete my account before the end of the free trial?

Yes, simply send a request to support@livepepper.com

How do you use my personal data?

We may use it simply to contact you from time to time. We will never communicate your details to any third party without your consent.

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